William Portuese MD

Our Medical Staff

Surgical Staff – We have highly skilled Registered Nurses on staff in our operative facility. With many years of plastic surgical experience, they constantly monitor new technology and improved methods in the field of Facial Plastic Surgery, insuring quality assurance and care.

Anesthesiologist – Both general anesthesia and local anesthesia are used for surgeries. If you choose general anesthesia, a board certified physician anesthesiologist will be present to monitor the anesthesia and your safety while Dr. William Portuese performs the surgery.

Our office staff works together as a team to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment in which your concerns may be thoroughly addressed with complete confidentiality. After your consultation with Dr. William Portuese, we’ll discuss scheduling, preparation and review follow-up care for your blepharoplasty surgery.

Warmth and professionalism are attributes of our staff. Our commitment to you, the patient, is to provide the highest quality administrative, medical and personal care possible. We want to make a positive difference in each patient’s life.

Your well-being, prior, during and after your procedure, is very important to us. It is paramount that you feel assured, informed and confident of your procedure in advance. We realize that thorough preparation prior to your procedure contributes to a successful outcome and recovery period.

Office Administrator / PCC

Administrative Assistant

OR Supervisor

Recovery Nurse

OR Surgical Nurse


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