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Our Goal – We take great pride in the care we give to our patients, by creating the most natural look using the latest technologies and surgical procedures. Our procedures are performed by a caring staff in a very private and confidential setting. We stay committed to the highest quality of standards in our industry.

Our on-site Ambulatory Surgical Center is certified by Medicare. The physician anesthesiologists that work with Dr. Portuese are board certified and all of our nurses have R.N. degrees and many years of experience in patient care. We are deeply committed to making our patients look and feel their best!

Consultations Dr. William Portuese will discuss your goals and concerns in detail. He wants you to be completely informed about the procedure(s), the risks, the recovery, and the rewards of your surgery. All will be described honestly and realistically to you including specific instructions on how to prepare for your surgery.

Pre-op – Our Medicare-certified ambulatory surgical facility is designed and staffed to create a safe, private and pleasant environment for both cosmetic and reconstructive facial procedures.

Surgery – Both general anesthesia and local anesthesia are used for many surgeries. If you choose general anesthesia, a board certified physician anesthesiologist will be present to monitor the anesthesia and your vital signs while Dr. Portuese performs the surgery.

Post-op – Our well-equipped recovery area is designed to provide you with the absolute best knowledgable and comfortable post op surgical care. We feel that a comfortable, closely monitored, constantly attended recovery is of utmost importance to patient care.


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